Half of my points disappeared - help!

I recently submitted a translation request and two people responded. Automatically when i submitted the request 500 points disappeared before i had the chance to award them to someone.

When the translation was done, I then chose to gift 500 points to the person who responded first and did a good job (the second person did a cut and paste job from a translation website so i didn’t award him any points). I wonder where my first 500 points went to! I want them back!

When you submit a request, the points to be awarded are automatically withdrawn from your account.

@AlissaESL - When you post the request, the points are taken from your account as mikebond notes above. When someone posts a response, you will see a button that says “Award points” next to their response where you can award points, up to the total that you chose to offer for that request. If you chose 500 points as the reward, then you can reward up to 500 points. If you want to pay additional points to a member, you can go to their profile and gift points, but otherwise you should use the “Award points” feature to reward points.

Hopefully this helps to explain things more clearly!

I have a separate question about the points, but maybe it has already been answered. Since points expire after three months, it must be that the points that we have are not all identical. For example, instead of having 500 identical points, I have 500 points with different dates attached to them. When I pay points for a service, which points are used? Are the oldest points used for the newest?

For example, let’s say I buy 100 points and then a month later I buy another 100 points. Going forward a month more I then spend 100 points on a service. What will happen a month after this? Will my 100 remaining points expire or not?

the oldiest points go first.

Thanks everyone for the clarification. I gifted 500 points to the person who did a good translation… because there was no ‘award points’ button by her name. So i haven’t used the ‘award points’ feature for either of the two respondents

Alissa, you should have asked her to re-submit her translation by clicking on “Fulfil Request” instead of writing a normal comment. Now you have spent 500 more points and your request will remain in the list of Open Requests until you have awarded all the points.
If nobody has submitted a translation with the “Fulfil” function (i.e. you don’t see any “Award” button), you could also save the translations you got and delete the request. This way, you would get your first 500 points back.

Hi Alissa, please ask Irene to “Fulfill” the request and submit her translation again. Then award the points to her and ask her to give the Gift points back. Irene will surely do this. She is a very kind and helpful person. She didn’t know how to fulfil requests because the Exchange is new for her, but she had done a lot of work on LingQ earlier.

All sorted out now, thanks everyone for the help :slight_smile: