Half hidden punctuation

I’ve noticed this a few times but only now realised what it was. In the start of the second line you can see a black dot, which is just part of the question mark of the phrase “Кто доил бы Нагайну?”
Sometimes i also see it for dashes, probably exclamation marks are completely invisible when the sentence ends at the border.

Am i the only one that sees this? (not sure if some of my extensions can cause this behavior)

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Which device are you using and can you send us a link to a lesson in which you noticed that?

Using a desktop with linux with chrome on fullscreen and with the second smallest font size in lingq settings.

Created a lesson with 2 parts with the issue, not sure if the lesson needs to be “shared” for others to see:

edit: seems like it just depends on the resolution of the device and the font size, just tried on a laptop and it was a bit different, also tested on firefox and it seems fine there

Thanks, I was able to reproduce that. We will look into it.

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Any news on this? Im still getting the issue and this is with a different imported book.

by hovering the mouse over the previous page button, it highlights, and seems to cover the beginning of the text partially and the text gets cut off.
Sorry for the persistence, but this should be a pretty simple thing to resolve and it’s already been almost 3 months

Can you please send me a link to that lesson from your screenshot?
Sorry about the delay, I will check with our team where we stand on this.

Also please let me know which Font Style you have selected when you see that issue.

Not sure how sharing single lessons quite work, hopefully this will do the trick. Already select the word of the phrase in the last screenshot.

I use bariol font in the lowest font size and maximized chrome window.

Also if the window of the web browser is smaller, the words also shift, so sometimes that punctuation is not hidden.


Strange, seems fine for me on Chrome with Bariol font and lowest font size. Can you take a screenshot of that and send it to support(at)lingq.com?