Hail USSR!

I really love reading about the Soviet Union. I am inspired by the life of LENIN. I believe in Communism. I just wanted more lessons in the Russian library about the USSR and Lenin. The lessons about the USSR which already exists in the library are not for beginners. I want simple lessons in the library about the things I mentioned above. Please try to make these lessons. Thank you in advance,

A proud Indian,
A Russia and Soviet loving teen,

THe texts about politics can be at least Intermediate I, they can’t be for beginners because it’s quite difficult topic.
I have some texts about the USSR, Lenin, Stalin etc in my collection “День за днём” and also in my collections “Новый русский подкаст” (беседы со Стивом) и “Разговоры с Евгением”.
But I’m not sure that my estimation will be the same that yours.

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There must have been tons of such materials (on the life of Lenin, history of the Party and Revolution) for language learners of every possible level produced in the USSR, but I have no idea, how to get hands on them now - sorry about that.

Vijay, here is a Russian e-book, a biography of Stalin which you can import for your own use into the LingQ library.


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Great find Mr Steve : )

I also have the hard copy of the book. It is not difficult to read and most interesting. A good place for Vijay to learn about the USSR.

Vijay, If you would like to hear Lenin’s voice, there are old recordings here: Коллекция | Л | Старое Радио , under “Ленин.” There are no transcripts, however, so they are defintely advanced level. Under С you can find similar material about Stalin. There are many literary works, also, read aloud on these pages, but with no transcripts.

Try some of the recordings elsewhere on the same site: О нас | Старое Радио . Those under “Школьная фонохрестоматия” were produced in the Soviet Union and were aimed at younger school children. Not that you’re that age, but you may find them interesting, as there is much patriotic material from the Soviet Union. These are from phonograph records. The recording and label of each side of a record, which lists the contents, are given. As with the Lenin, there are no transcripts, so they are not easy.

This site has truly amazing material, but although there are quite a few children’s pieces presented, they are for intermediate listeners or advanced. Even though it may be difficult now, perhaps you can keep the site bookmarked for later.

Actually, I found this site looking for this, I blush to admit, Доктор Сьюз (Гайсел) - Слон Хортон высиживает яйцо. - Черепаха Эртель. - (сказки - стихи), (исп.: Игорь Ильинский) | Старое Радио , which is a translation of an American chldren’s favorite (the reading becomes more bearable as it goes along).

@Ernie - Don’t blush…Dr. Suess is a pleasure for any age in any language. I only wish my Russian were far enough advanced to understand more than the occasional word in this. (I listened to the whole thing anyway.)