Hacking Your Way to a New Language

Starting a new language is a slow process filled with challenges… But you can make it as easy as possible with the right choice of learning content.

Interested in trying out Spanish, French, German, or Italian? You can start off with Benny Lewis’ Language Hacking, a 30 lesson course designed for fresh novices.

Each lesson introduces you to a basic conversation you’re likely to find yourself in once you’ve started speaking. After you’ve progressed through the courses, we can always recommend jumping into our Mini Stories!

Check out Language Hacking in the following languages:

For more pure beginner content, open up the Library and set your level filter to Beginner 1 only. That way, you’ll only see the easiest lessons LingQ has to offer. Happy LingQing!


Too bad there isn’t one for Turkish! Cannot wrap my head around the sentence structure. Just when I think I get it, sentences appear and it is gone through the window :face_with_spiral_eyes:

You can still try the Mini Stories! They have lots of repetition. You should feel comfortable rereading the stories every few days and you’ll find it gets easier.

Embark on your language learning journey with Benny Lewis’ Language Hacking courses for Spanish, French, German, and Italian. These 30-lesson courses are perfect for beginners, offering practical conversations to kickstart your speaking skills. Don’t forget to explore more beginner content in the LingQ Library. Happy language learning! :globe_with_meridians::books: #LanguageHacking #LingQing