Hace una noche de perros? Make a night of dogs?

Hace una noche de perros? Make a night of dogs?

I believe it means to have a terrible night, nowhere to sleep properly, to find it difficult to get to sleep. Let’s wait for a native speaker to confirm this

No, it’s usually about weather. Very bad weather.

Thank you for your explanation. I came across this expression in relation to someone having a hangover who complained about his “noche de perros”… and so I put two and two together and made five. Bad girl!!!

Not really! On second thought, “noche de perros” / “día de perros” can mean both things. It’s just a bad night/day. It’s the verb that determines the exact meaning.
“Hace una noche de perros” is about weather
“He pasado una noche de perros” means, I had a terrible night. Quite probably, that’s the expression your friend used.

Oh, and there’s also “vida de perros”. In general, dogs are supposed to suffer a lot.

“Estar de un humor de perros” To be in a very bad mood.

Hi Jackik. It’s better to say “Es una noche de locos”. Anyway, it means to have a hard night, or to have a sleepless night.

Not in this context. Read the text.

Thank you for all the additional bits to learn: wonderful!