Guys, was I hacked?

Hello guys

Yesterday, I was following one post about Chinese, then I found one guy called appie101 and it appears that he just registered yesterday. Unfortunately, I clicked on one click he provided in his comment, do you think I was hacked? and what should I do to secure my info now?

The post called Will I go the distance? Musings for my new 90 day Chinese Challenge.

Thank you very much

Hi! Not to worry - I’ve now deleted this user’s post and deactivated their account.

I clicked the link and it appears to have just been a promotional link trying to sell a product; your LingQ data is still save and nothing on our end can be compromised just from clicking a link on the forum.

Let us know if you run into any other issues!

I clicked the link too and it was just advertising for a product. Nothing happened. I usually don’t click short links though as there is no way to know beforehand what site it leads to.

I don’t even think he was trying to sell it, but he just thought it was a good learning product. I might be wrong though