Gulf Arabic on LingQ

I would also recommend the language learning section of al-Jazeerah the news network here: اللغة الإنجليزية | تعلم العربية as well as this fantastic language learning blog: With al-Jazeera you can find articles some even with a video and transcript, and the language learner blog posts video clips with a few MSA as well as various dialects and includes a transcript with explanations.

It may be less of a problem if your goal is just reading, but I have found that it is very difficult to read comfortably without a fair bit of exposure to the pronunciation. This is a combination of getting used to the new script, the fact that they don’t write short vowels, and that they have 9 new sounds for an English speaker to get used to. Therefore it is a big help when you can read along with the audio from a native speaker. Hope that helps and good luck with your language learning!

Benjamin, thank you for your good general advice and for those two links. In my particular case my formal training in Arabic was primarily audio-lingual and it is my reading and vocab that are weak. Plus my reading interests aren’t those found on general sites. So I am interested in the possibility of reading MSA within LingQ using texts I supply.

Thank you for this. The variety of dialects (along with Steve not having done it yet, not a lot on LingQ, etc.) is contributing to my delay on learning this awesome language. Knowing that I could do MSA first, and then decide a dialect if I want is very helpful.