Guerilla uploads?

It seems clear that there is demand for new languages such as Korean, Arabic and Dutch, whether they get supported on LingQ or not. I presume, therefore, we have people ready and willing to upload content in these languages.

I was just wondering, has anyone tried uploading material in these languages to one of the LingQ libraries, and did it work?

If it worked, it could demonstrate the demand and viability for these languages, as well as earn the content provider points.

If it didn’t work or broke LingQ, then Mark would get hopping mad at whoever suggested doing it in the first place. Which wasn’t me, OK?

Helen, (alias Che) you are a great LingQer and an out of the box thinker, an avid tea drinker, but with our libraries do not tinker, or we will have a real stinker, (of a problem) and I will fly to England and break your teapot.

Of course anything can be loaded into any library. There is not need to test this. You can test any of these languages for functionality by using a language slot you do not need and importing it. It is just that the dictionaries are less convenient to use since they often will not default to the language you want.

The issue is not so much the technical feasibility (although I am not aware if anyone has tried Arabic or Hindi, I know people are doing this for Korean).

The issue is the time and trouble of launching another language, maintaining the content, dealing with inevitable complaints and concerns that surround that language, and all the other unknowables. If we have learned one thing, it is that things are always more difficulty and troublesome than we thought, never less.

Break my teapot? That’s fighting talk! You wouldn’t like me when I’m thirsty…

Akhm…seems to be working perfectly for Arabic. Even the dictionary doesn’t make much more trouble than, for example, with Russian (and when you go to google translate, it is easy to change, as Arabic-English one is first on the list). so, teapot is safe? :slight_smile:

@ The Teachers:

  • " an out of the box thinker, an avid tea drinker, but with our libraries do not tinker, or we will have a real stinker…"
  • “Break my teapot? That’s fighting talk!”

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@ Aineko.

Great Aineko! Were you able to create and review the lingqs? Was it Firefox or IE? Thanks.

yep, everything works as with ‘real’ languages :slight_smile: