Group discussions

I would like to have group discussions with Allison at 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM (my time zone is GMT + 0200 Europe / Berlin). Allison and I are looking for more members. We can discuss various topics and talk about whatever you like. Are you interested?

Hi Waldemar,
I’m interested in regularly attending daily conversations with tutor Allison. Unfortunately, I’m not free for the next one on Monday, April 7 but in the near future I’ll be your man.

Hi Serge,
It will be great to speak to you on line again.

hi guys i am happy to join u .nice to meet you all
i am Rashad from lebanon
what do you discuss about?

Hi Rashad,

I’m from Germany. We discuss all sorts of things, all what you like. Nice to talk to you soon.


I like to join to your group because I have no conversation with anybody.

Please i need someone to help me in learning english.please if anyone can help me in becoming professional in english add me ,my email

Hi,everybody! Im Zhiide,Ifrom Central Asia,from Kyrgyzstan!I need someone to help me in learning english,please Help me!My skype account zhiide_kg & my email Please,please!

Hi Zhiide, The best way to improve your english is to participate on discussions. If you will continuous participate in group discussions or one-on-one discussions, you will notice an improvement in a very short time.