Group discussion to improve english speaking confidence


I have intermediate level of English and would like to improve it further by practicing on skype. i have formed a group on skype where members can participate in group discussions everyday for few minutes. During these discussions we also offer tips and suggestions to speak in a better way. Interested members can post in their skype id. Thanks

I am interested to join in. my skype id nitabuna81… please approve it, thx

Hi, invite me.
skype id: ernis_1

Hi, please, invite me.

skype id: s.hidalgo.benitez


pls invite me

my Skype id is ruky.kuma


sign me up: dan.tan1984

add me plz: Hong Nguyen

HI I want to participate in this

my Skype id is is id plz send request


Hi, me too I want to participate in this group.

Add me please : ItsMourad13



Hi, Skype: globalprospect

Hi, could you add m? skype: diego.mattei6703

Hi There, This is Pankaj From India.This days I am trying to Improve my english speaking. so if you can help me with. Thanks

Hi,I am interested to participate my skype id: shushilnp please approve it. Many Thanks

I believe this group could be of great help to those who wants to practice their Spoken English.
Could I be a part of this too?
My skype ID - jantonio.franco

Hi,I am interested to participate my skype id: shushilnp please approve it. Many Thanks

Hi, Please add me: Skype id - sudarsan.patra

invite me please. I am from Russia. I am IT Project Manager, Skype: artezio_vderunov_1

Please, add me in group, my skype is rowbert

The person who began this thread does not exist. His or her username is in parentheses. This shows he or she is not here as a member.

Hi, I’d like to practice speaking English with someone,

my Skype ID : eng.mohammad.mustafa85

I am looking forward to hearing from u :slight_smile: