Ground or Soil

When you cross the border between the USA and Canada, ahead Canada for instance, you´re in Canadian soil or Canadian ground? Which one is correct? Canadian soil or Canadian ground? or both?.
Please, would you explain me.

In your example context you are “on Canadian soil”. However, outside of that context. You stand on the ground. You put your hands into the soil and you plant seeds in the ground or soil depending on the quantity. Soil is often a smaller portion as in you take soil and you transfer your potted plant from one pot into another bigger pot and you need more soil. If you have a plot of ground that you are using for gardening and not using potted plants then you are planting in the ground. Your example is a strange because of the sovereign nature of ownership so it makes the word usage different.

On another note. Acabo de ver su bandeja. Yo viví en Honduras por algunos años. Estoy feliz de conocerte. Casi nunca hay tenido el oportunidad de hablar con “un paisano”. :slight_smile:


That sounds like a pretty good explanation. The “on Canadian soil” example is idomatic usage. Otherwise you might think of “soil” being a substance and “ground” being a place, or a less specific substance. Even on a large scale, I would say that a field or farm has good or poor soil, referring to the quality of the substance which constitutes the ground there.

Many people do not know that most states have an official “state soil”. The official state soil of South Dakota, for example, is houdek. It has specific characteristics that distinguish it from other types of soil. To a geologist, a deposit of a certain type of soil is no different than a specific rock formation, only less dense and sturdy.

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Thanks for your explanation; there are a lot of words in English language that are confuse, and these are some, I forget include another like land . However I think that land is more wide, I remember a Grand Funk Railroad´s song: Save The Land, was released in 1972 or 1973. And I thanks too for recall my country.

I agree with you there are many words that can be confusing. Feel free to ask questions you may have. There are many people that love to help out. We all help each other improve. It’s a great thing. Also, If you ever want to talk over an IP phone like Skype or Whatsapp. I would be willing. You can practice your English, and Ill practice my Spanish. Have a wonderful day.

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Thanks for your words, I try to practice my English. Have a nice day too.