Greetings to Jill

It was nice to hear Jill’s voice in the podcast - and it would nice to have she back as tutor in conversations as soon as possible! Only I understand if the first place is reserved for Clara.

All the best for Jill, Clara and the proud father!

I allways enjoy hearing Jill’s voice in a podcast. I also think it would be nice to have Jill back as a tutor. I’m looking forward :wink:

All the best for her and her familiy.

What a pleasure to hear Jill’s voice again! Thank you very much for doing this podcast.

I strongly wish you come back Jill :slight_smile:
All the best to you, your husband and Clara.

Me, too! I enjoyed listening to the recent podcast with Jill and Clara.
I still enjoy listening to the previous shows with Jill and Mark, Jill and Steve.

I found the photo image of cute baby with this episode. Is she Clara?
Hope to hear Jill’s voice again in the future podcast.