Greetings everyone

Greetings everyone! I am Despina (Debby in English for short ) and I am from Greece. I join LingQ 2 days ago and the reason is that i want to improve my English since i want to move in UK in some months. iam 25 yo and basically i learn English by my self so my big problem is mostly in grammar and spelling. Iam not sure if there is a similar topic since i search the whole forum…but if there is pls forgive me for new topic smiles I am not so sure where i must begin to earn points or found a tutor and everything that i need to make a properly beginning. So pls if anyone can help me i will be really grateful.Thank you very much

@Argy - To get a better idea of how to use the site, I recommend taking a look at the following video series:

Also be sure to use the Tutorial, which can be accessed by opening a lesson, clicking on the arrow above “Study Resources” on the right and selecting “View Tutorial”.