Hello, tutors and LingQ members! I’m Nobuo from Japan. I joined LingQ two months ago. I enjoy listening to the audio recording(in English) in LingQ. I’ve been waiting to open this new forum since I joined LingQ. It must be fun to chat with other learners all over the world. I want say "Hello! to everyone.

I’ve been learning English for many years, but I’m not fluent. Steve’s language learner’s manifesto encourage me and teach me how to learn the foreign language. The LingQ system is great and tutors are very freindly. And one more thing, the price is reasonable for us.

Let’s enjoy learning with us together here in the LingQ.


Hi, Nobuo.
I joined LingQ few weeks ago, but I love it already. I feel it is really the proper way to learn a language, although I’m a little bit unsure about using it from the very beginning. I’m thinking about trying this with French, to see how it works.

We definitely have plans to get some more beginner content in all the languages so people who have no knowledge of a particular language, can still learn it.

We already have quite a bit of beginning content in most languages. The Power of the Linguist has been translated into French and other languages. The thing is that you do not need a lot of beginner material. Listen repeatedly to a limited amount of beginner content and soon you will be able to attack authentic content. I believe Chris has had the experience of starting from the beginning. I am working with the content created by Mairo for my Portuguese and find it much more enjoyable and effective than the books and CDs that I bought.

One thing that is useful for me in Portuguese is the ability to search the web for help. When I write in Portuguese if I have forgotten how a verb goes in Portuguese I simple search for “Portuguese verbs” in Google and find a site where I can put in the verb and get the full list of conjugations for that verb.

Please do not worry about starting from the beginning.