Green Audio Buttons Not Working

I just signed up to test drive a premium membership and have encountered a problem. The main audio for a given lesson works properly however none of the green audio buttons are working. I’ve tested using Chrome and Firefox on a Linux machine, Win 7, Win10 and a Chromebook. The language is Hebrew the content was Mini Stories level 2 Story 21…


Hi Rick,
Unfortunately Hebrew is not yet supported by Google TTS and that is why it doesn’t work at LingQ too. As soon as Google add support for Hebrew, it will became available at LingQ.

I see, thanks for the reply zoran.

Hello, the same is happening to me playing German. Green button doesn’t speak anymore. I thought it was because of Firefox, or the latest version of it (released during last week), so I’ve tried with Explorer and Chrome (only Chrome worked fine).
Then I’ve finally tried a new language (English), and “green button” works fine, even using Firefox and Explorer.

So, there is any problem playing German voice in Firefox? (whatever might means).


PS. I’ve also tried other languages (French, Spanish, Italian) and they still don’t work to me.
Only English works fine.
Is this an issue that is happening to me only?

Looks to be due to a forbidden resource being called, 403.

HTTP load failed with status 403. Load of media resource failed.

With a response reason of:

“Request forbidden by administrative rules.”

This seems to be an issue with Firefox as Chrome appears to work.

One for the devs to look at.

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We are looking into it and hopefully we will have it fixed soon. Thanks for your patience!


Since yesterday the green Audio botton does not work anymore. I tried with browsers

Firefox and Chrom. It’s happening in all the languages I tried out. Please fix it!

Even when you try “English American Female Voice”?
That’s the only one that is still working to me

English is working. But that’s not what I need.

I have tried to commend to you for several times, didn’t succeed.
Now trying again… -again:

I noticed on Thursday that the “Green_Button”-voices didn’t work.
On Friday I read Yobon´s writing and then I tried to use Chrome and Firefox again with several languages (English, Spanish, French, Finnish)

The results:
Firefox: Only English worked
Chrome: Every language worked.

Edit: russian too: worked with Chrome, didn’t work with Firefox.