Greeks, People of Greek Heritage, Seminarians, Lovers of the Classics, Polyglots, Tourists, and Learners of Greek

Yes. I met an Ancient Greek professor last month who happened to be taking the same French course as I. She really got me interested in the idea of learning to read Greek. Being a lover of Plato helps.

I have yet to use my facebook vote, but I think it might be worth it to get Greek to 1,000.

You have an unlimited amount of facebook votes, so you don’t have to worry about spending it. If you ever change your mind you can switch, or vote for multiple languages.


I am looking at the Facebook page. Where does one vote for a language?

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@ColinJohnstone - A direct link is here:

You can find it by going to the About section on our Facebook page and looking in the Description section. Facebook no longer allows us to put a prominent link to the poll.

Ω! We need Modern Greek on this website :ξ

Vote here: Only 702 more votes needed!

(Please, everybody, also vote for Catalan!)

@ Alex - I found it. Why are Dutch and Arabic on the list? They have already been added to LingQ.

There are many double languages, or non languages on the poll, added by people who didn’t know what languages were already on LingQ. Unfortunately, the poll can no longer be edited. That’s also why Romanian is still there and keeps receiving votes.

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