*Greek* Youtube Content to Import

Hi all,

A few months ago I came across the Onassis Foundation who in their words: - “create the conditions, explore the ideas and trigger bold discussions that shape and shake society”.

They cover a lot of current, often heavy topics with many of their videos providing Greek subtitles; note not all of their videos are in Greek, so you may have to click around; however, I’ve already imported:

Also, I’ve tried creating a course and sharing it although I’m unsure if it’s appearing anywhere?

I see since the last time someone made a post like this much more members have shared content they found online. So please feel free to share what you’ve discovered below… for Greek obviously!

Το κανάλι:

Ευχαριστώ :slight_smile:


That’s awesome. I’ve been looking for Greek videos with subtitles, but found them hard to find. There are Greek news with subtitles, but they are not available with separate CC files, so you can’t import them.
Here is the ERT news page. Pick the one at 18:00 for subtitles. ERTFLIX
And here is the same for STAR. In this case, scroll down to “Ενημέρωση” and pick the one that says “Δελτία Ειδήσεων στη Νοηματική!” StarTvGreece - YouTube
Here is the Cypriot RIK: Ειδήσεις στις 18:00 - Ραδιοφωνικό Ίδρυμα Κύπρου

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
There are also a lot of TEDx talks in Greek with Greek subtitles!
For example: Truth in the Making | Artemis Papageorgiou | TEDxPatras - YouTube

Ah yes I saw someone post a list of TED Talks a while back. I haven’t seen this one. I’ll keep posting new channels as find them!


I found about 90 TEDx talks which are subbed. Unfortunately I can´t share them with everybody. But if you search for them, they are relatively easy to find !

Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:
Side note: If I were you I would post content in the content forum or in the specific open forum for the language you are talking about. That’s where it will be found by the people who have a use for it. In the open forum, a post like this on will soon get buried under all kinds of other content.

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Thanks for this.

You should check out Astronio - YouTube. I’m revisiting these videos now and flash carding any unknown words.

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No problem :slight_smile: I was planning on adding more channels to this post as and when I find them.

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Have you uploaded any of those yet? I tried looking for Onassis here but couldn’t find anything.

Do you have any good websites where to find e-books, because you have learned over 70.000 words? :slight_smile:

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I tried sharing the course a while back; however the lessons are marked “private”. I think it’s because I imported from Youtube? I’ll look into sharing this content, it may involve creating lessons with the text and audio outside of the Youtube import function. I’ll look into this over the weekend. Thank you for sharing your “Philosophy - Βιβλιοεμβριθής” content - it’s very useful.

Unless you have started editing it, and if you want me to, I can do the “S+T+Arts Programs and the 4th Industrial Revolution in Greece”. Seems like an interesting talk.

Thanks to you! I didn’t know about the Onassis channel, it’s amazing.

No need, I’ve edited everything already :slight_smile: I think I just need to create separate lessons or delve deeper into the course settings.

Ah I see, I just tried the import feature from youtube. For some reason it only imports the first 14 mins of the video… but it allows me to share it, I think.
What was the title of your uploads, the first time you tried to share it?

Yeah, it definitely allows me to share it, straight after importing it from youtube, but since I have not edited it, if you tell me that you are going to do it I’ll delete after.
I just had to wait for the rest of the video to upload.
I think you can see it from the library right?

Hey, yeah I can see it from the library. If you can wait till the weekend, I’ll definitely have them uploaded :slight_smile: It’ll save you editing audio etc.

Sure thing, I was just testing the youtube import feature, works wonders.

I deleted it just now. If you keep us noticed I’ll certainly read it when it’s up!

I read your post. It is very informative and helpful to me.

Another channel to check out in the new year…

(Note not all of their videos are in Greek)

Welcome to Alpha Ωmega! This channel is about Ancient Greece - Ancient Greek history - Greek Mythology - Archaeology and language. We upload videos in both Greek and English language with subtitles.


I’m importing the Astronio videos now and sharing them.