Greek stress marks

I have an apple MacBook Air. I see how to get the Greek alphabet ok, but can’t put on the stress marks easily. I have to push the key hard and then move the cursor up to the place where the simple or accented letter box pops up and then click on my choice. this is very slow since every word has a stress mark. help anyone?

Isn’t there a keyboard layout with a “dead key” for the accent? This is how we write accents in Spanish and I remember using a similar system for Greek back in the day, although I’m not sure in which os

I’ve found this image of an Apple Greek layout:

It seems to work just as the Spanish one: when in Greek mode, press the key left of lambda, notice that it’s marked with a stress sign. Nothing will be printed because it is a “dead key”, now type any vowel, you should get the accented version.

Ι see now. the :; key and thenthe vowel key, saves so much time and teeth gnashing. thanks very much.