Great Updates!

Hi, very nice updating!

But something very bothers me. I’m used to highlight the text while I’m read on a computer, and I’m sure it’s a common habit. Now with the new system it can cause some serious messing to the text. Just try it out and you’ll understand.

Now I’ve found some problems with the LinQing… maybe it’s because I’m using Firefox?
Which browser is the optimal for the system?

LingQing does not work and the sound bar does not work. There will be other issues that did not show up on the QA server. You help and cooperation is appreciated. It may take us a few days to fix all of this but I believe we will all benefit.

Please report the problems

Firefox, Safari, IE7 should work well. There are some issues with phrase selection. Phrase selection is important to us too! :slight_smile: Give us day or two to get the bugs worked out. That is a particularly tricky area.

great updates? After around four hours of “research” new version LingQ can only find it for me today to learn English is already lost. Previous simply has to replace the complicated version. Let me illustrate my findings with a few examples:

  • When trying to open each lesson that are warned: do you want to stop the script?;
  • Script works because the computer (IE) are significantly slower. Therefore, the response times of the computer much longer;
  • If the script performed a high risk that the computer may not be more responsive;
  • Dowload is not suppressed. It is only “moved” elsewhere (Dowload Audio). Instead of the previous one now need 3 or 4 clicks to activate the sound;
  • Now is the Weekly Progress. All previous other options are eliminated. It is my question: will coordinate the activities of the weekly or daily? In the first case you see progress only four times in one month, which is practically close to zero (13% months);
  • Etc… Etc…

I understand that it is currently the “birth” problems. In short: nice to look at but unfortunately less practical than the old version. In order not to mistake: this is just my lay assessment, which is, of course, can also be mistaken. I write this is still under the impression a “lost” day.

I think it’s a nice update.
Positive point I’ve noticed so far :

  • In portrait mode (like 1050*1680) the behavior is better : one frame is better. BUT I have a suggestion about that : the ‘Sort by’ and ‘Search’ field could be better at the top of the page, so the ‘My lessons’ field could be wider. Better : like the the igoogle page : the possibility to customize our own display (but it means probably some (a lot?) coding for that - I don’t know).
    On the other side, in landscape mode, it’s a real improvement : I’ve got a full HD screen (1920x1080) and the display is great in this resolution.

  • Seems a good choice for the sound player but it doesn’t work properly : it download the lesson instead of playing it. It’s a shame that IE8 is note HTML 5 compatible : sound/video are directly usable by it. (tested on IE8/Safari4/Firefox 3.5) - The behavior is the same : it download the file instead of playing it. EDIT : I’ve just check the IMPORT section and the ‘old’ player is still there and works; the new play/pause works in the library/preview.

  • The ‘I know All’ seems nice too. BUT : in my previous/old lessons ‘new words’ had appeared (eg: we’ve, I’m) and that button doesn’t work and it is only available on the right. On new lesson it is also at the bottom of the page.

  • New tooltip display for vocabulary is really great and take much less room than the previous system with frame at the bottom of the window. the downside : popup dictionary (Quickfind in Cambridge Dictionary, Collins Cobuild, …) don’t work anymore on some browsers.

  • Import section : Accent, and Level have been added : very good!

  • Stuffs in ‘Library’ are better organized but I noticed : in ‘My Imports’ the lessons are not grouped by Collection.

That’s all for now, and Thanks for the upgrade!

A few of my findings:

  • The Top 25 (formerly Priority LingQs) which are the 25 most frequent (important) words you are currently trying to learn is not automatically changed. Not even when you meet the (4 )****. Personally tested. Such work, therefore, remain unregistered;
  • When defending lesson did not defend the blue button LingQ: to add new words or phrases;
  • The lesson I read today is Flashcards “served” as 231 words: of (1) to (4)! In this quantity the word “save” at least twice as much time is spent. To achieve the daily “norm” is not necessary as many words.