Great Stories in Smaller Languages

This week, we have a variety of stories in different languages for you. From Vikings battling a volcano eruption to mischievous Turkish kids playing soccer. We invite you to explore them with LingQ.

Did you know that Paulo Coelho has given permission for his book “The Alchemist” to be freely disseminated in any language? We couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Here is the first part of this world-renowned bestseller in Serbian.

You can find it here: (Level: Advanced 1)

A short story about Tuncay’s two young sons competing to become the greatest Turkish soccer players ever. Perfect for beginners.

Check it out here:
(Level: Beginner 2)

We currently find ourselves in a time that may appear hopeless and dark. But think again. This podcast will tell you about the worst year in the world: 536, when a volcanic eruption turned life upside down. These are stories you need to know in order to understand Danish society today.

Check it out here: (Level: Intermediate 2)

A series of simple stories in Graded Reader format to help you get started with Hungarian in a fun and engaging way.

Check it out here: (Level: Intermediate 1)