Great site for private use

HI fellow LingQers,

I would like to recommend the following link to those who are intermediate to advanced learners of English with an interest in global issues, especially matters relating to the global economy. The site features a series of about 20 videos of about 3 to 7 minutes each, and each video has a transcript below it.

The series is called “Crash Course”, and it is an exposition of a one person’s expectation of a coming global economic disturbance that will be the biggest ever in modern history.

I am not very well versed in economics and I need to do further research before I can decide if his ideas are sound. However, they are presented in an extremely clear and concise way with good visual support from the videos. I learned a lot of interesting facts that I had failed to grasp until now, especially concerning the nature of money.

I wrote to site manager to ask if he would let me upload the audio and text to LingQ but I have not received a response. But it is an interesting topic that is well presented and has a transcript, therefore it great for any learner’s private use.

Very interesting site! In fact the transcripts are available in French and Spanish too and so should also be of interest to those learning these languages.

True about the transcripts, but as far as I can tell the audio/video is only available in English.