Great podcasts I found to learn Chinese, Can I use Lingq?

Alright so i’ve recently come across a bunch of really good podcasts to use to learn Mandarin and I was wondering if theres anyway to integrate them with lingq? Or if anyone has any other podcasts that I can use cause I think I learn the best with podcasts. These are the ones I found:

  1. Chinese Classic 101 - For Chinese beginners
  2. Popup Chinese - Uses different languages to teach Chinese
    3.Chinese Pod - Practical lessons through dialogue
  3. Slow Chinese - Discussions of current trends in China
  4. Bear Talk - Provides information on the Chinese community
  5. Dimsum Mandarin -Conversations presented in Chinese
  6. Talk Chineasy - Chinese culture and tradition

I found the list here if anyone interested.


Slow Chinese already has a lot of content in LingQ

If you can get a transcript of the episode, copy the text and paste it into a new lesson (top right of lingq webpage + sign) you can also upload the audio if you can get the file. I do this a lot for podcasts. It can be a bit time consuming and annoying, but getting all the necessary content onto lingq is usually worth it. If you are worried about copyright issues etc just keep the lesson private, if not, share with everyone.

Currently listening/reading ‘Talk Taiwanese Mandarin with Abby’ (you can get simple characters for this if that’s what you want) and ‘Learn Taiwanese Mandarin’ - many of these are already public on the Traditional Chinese section, it’s in traditional, but the host speaks slowly and clearly, and often repeats what she had just said without it being annoying. I would recommend checking out both their websites for resources and info etc.

Yep, you’ll have to find ones with transcripts. Slow Chinese and Pop-Up are already on here, and I’ve uploaded a few eps of a Chinese psychology podcast/show called 5分钟心理学. I’ll bet the transcripts for them are behind a paywall (patreon, etc). Mandarin Corner’s are behind a paywall; I like their podcast eps. I got lucky with the one I’ve uploaded…most authentic podcasts don’t offer transcripts.

You are “kinda” on the right track…

Cpod, popup and slow chinese are the pick of everything you have suggested (the others aren’t any near as good) — and particularly if you stick to the mandarin only dialogues and avoid all English (on cpod and popup).

For bridging over to native try :

-The legendary Wolf and Huahua series here at linq - Login - LingQ
-The Chairman’s Bao :

Then try for real native podcasts/chat radio with supporting transcript content – on lingq examples are:

Chat Radio Transcripts - Mandarin: Login - LingQ
Chat Radio Transcripts - Mandarin - Longer Chats (刘江 SBS): Login - LingQ
Morning coffee - Mandarin talk back radio transcripts : Login - LingQ
Hot issues: Login - LingQ

Also see:

Pretty much ~33% of my content these days is gushi FM
Gushi FM -

another ~33% of my content, mostly, is from this search query:的+-eng&sp=EgYIAxABKAE%253D

and remaining over at my local sbs – 新闻 | SBS Chinese

All the above have transcripts / soft subs / working synopsis – and all go generally ok with lingq

Edit - just realised you are a first poster , and likely just booosting your website – anyway - so many grifters come and go – and very few worth listening to…

…the above is blood sweat etc, coming from a contributor with some of the most amount of hours of native content uploaded to lingq - outside of admin- in its history