Great learning resources 6 Minute English

Great learning resources

I have found a great site that can help students that are learning English.

42 languages

I have found these podcasts that explains about language learning and how to learn English. The BBC has great material for learner that is compelling and useful for language learners. The link below might raise some political issues for people. But the message in the podcast is about language learning in school. Somebody could interpret this as an issue that 42 languages are spoken in the playground. The question that I have read a lot of time is about “how long does it take to learn a language.” Learner sometimes have a fictitious goal in mind ,Like
how do I speak like natives. But why are you triyng to sound like a native. The podcaster explain about the important of words and grammar. Motivate counts for more then grammar and pronunciation.

In the world that we have today. We have some of the best content and knowledge that I have seen. And it is only going to get easier in the future.
10 years for now their could be polyglots that become younger each year. This can only be a good thing and not a bad thing. The more languages that somebody learner, the better it is for the country and that individual.

I agree with you, @sgarner2, BBC is great! I’ve been using BBC Learning English for several years. There’are other great podcasts too (BBC Sounds - Podcasts).