Great German YT Channels if you're into the new Hogwarts Legacy game





Thanks MarkE. I know nothing about this game but just subscribed to them anyway. If nothing else that gives me the idea to look for German gamers that play the games I typically play. First blush the game looks interesting though so may even check that out.


LOL. I did the same. I don’t game but it could be interesting for the future to watch something different if my German will become ever good. This year I will learn it for good or I will drop it!

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@ David, Wie lange nicht gesehen?

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@asad: Ja. Ich habe lange Zeit nicht sehr gut gefühlt. Ich versuche, mich zu verbessern.


If any of you haven’t already. I highly recommend making a “German” YouTube/Google account where you only do things in German. Get the YouTube algorithm working for you!


Yep. good pointer Toby. I did that long ago. Also with Spanish (or any other language one might be learning).

Of course sometimes then I click on some youtube link about music or something unrelated and I end up on my German channel =D half the time (or more than half).

It also keeps your non language channel less cluttered.


@Toby: I actually don’t because I have a Premium account and I prefer not to see any Ads. But I’m organized with many playlists and stuff.

I tried to use Youtube Kids for a specific language but it misses many features and it makes it useless.

@Eric: To avoid cluttering, I use now a multiple browser extension named PocketTube. This allows you to create folders or groups where you can add many channels without subscribing them. So you can have one folder for each language if you want to and combined you can have folders for different topics. You can add a channel in multiple folders without subscribing it.


That’s fair lol. I have a YouTube Premium Family account, and spent a day convincing Google there are 6 people that live in my house. 1 is my wife, and the other 5 are named Toby.


Gute Besserung!

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ha ha ha. I never thought to use a family account for that. That was awesome. :DD


Hi David. I have premium account as well. No ads on my German or Spanish “channel”. They actually fall under your main account in some fashion. I’d have to look up how I created it to give details but there’s plenty of resources online that will show.

Thanks for the other tip. I may check it out to see if it’s helpful in some manner. It would be nice to group subscriptions better.

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OK. I figured out how I did it. As far as I know there are no limitations to how many I can create. It’s creating a “channel” though. Not separate accounts per se. My settings apply across all the channels…i.e. if I set language to English, or language to German in the settings, that will carry over if I switch to a different channel (this switching, confusingly named as “switch account” when you click on your avatar in the upper right).

However, your searches are all separate per channel. So if you search for things in German and watch things in German it will begin to feed you that content.

BTW, not sure if premium membership required. It might be.

What I did:

  1. click on avatar in upper right to get to a settings type of menu
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. You should land on the “Account” section. If not, click it.
  4. Under “Your Channel” section there’s a link to “add or manage your channels”. Click it.
  5. Then click “create channel”. Give it a name (I just do ericb_german or ericb_spanish, etc.)

Then start searching for and watching content in that language. It might be helpful to also change your “location” in the settings, but with the way I’m doing above you’ll want to switch back if you go into one of your other channels. Also, try doing your searches using words from the target language.


@Eric: I had no idea about this. I thought “channels” weren’t working as “switching accounts”. I though an account was more another different email! So, basically, you can switch channel like if it was a completely different account in the sense of the search algorithm. I do have the location in Germany but I don’t think it does much difference. It’s only useful for trends but most of the recommendations come from our search results and the subscriptions we have.

In any case, your strategy is very nice, thanks for sharing as usual.

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Yeah. It actually took me like a half hour to figure out how I did it before. I know I had read how to do it somewhere but couldn’t for the life of me find that link.

Now I have 4 channels =).

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Out of curiosity I have to say my home recommendation is changing now. Finally it’s a mix of all languages I speak. If I only want to see German stuff I can click on subscriptions and practically they are almost all Germans.

But I’ve noticed that since I’ve started to use PocketTube and added many different sites for different languages inside specific groups my home is changing. I have folders with names for each specific language plus others, which I don’t know if it makes any different. I’ve also complained to the support because the algorithm was giving me clone videos in my home and it was pointless and now it seems gone.

I’ve just watched the home now and it was nice to see a mix of different languages showing up. I hope it stays this way, I like it better, it remembers me to practice them all even if I don’t!

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