Great German youtube channel about science,history,etc

I found a pretty awesome youtube channel I wanted to share with you all.
It talks about things like black matter, universe theories, aliens, philosophy, etc. I find topics like this so interesting and if you do too check it out!

They also have German captions. I believe they are an automatic captions which aren’t always accurate but this guy speaks so clearly on this channel when I follow the captions its 99% accurate.


This is a very interesting site, Andrew. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks so much. On the same site are links to many series of science and maths videos for school students. Not only are they easy for me to understand, but I will also be able to use some of them with my German-speaking students next school year.

Nice find. Thanks for sharing.

Glad yah liked it. If I find more like this I’ll be sure to share :slight_smile: