"Gray words" bug

I know you guys are working on ironing things out right now, but just wanted to point this out in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Some words in the lessons appear to be grayish instead of black, with no blue highlight, and when I click on them, I don’t get hints or any responses. Some of these are unknown words to me – I don’t know if some of them are in my known category or not. The color difference is very subtle, but the words in question are a shade or two lighter than the rest of the words in the lesson.

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I’ve got the same problem. Made a post about it here: Previously Ignored Or "Known" Words Can't Be Turned Into ...

Didn’t even notice the words were gray!

Hi t_harangi,
Sorry about that! The issue should be fixed now, can you please check if it works properly for you? Thanks!

Yes! Looks like it’s been taken care of. Thank you!