Granfathered in

Hi – I see that the offerings for levels now tops at at $39/mos but I’m grandfathered in at $79/mos. Can you tell me what the difference is in the level of offerings between those two categories? c

@CTaylor - As mentioned a bit ago in my response to your email, your plan is the old Premium plan which includes 7500 points per month. The same number of points are available to Premium Plus subscribers who choose the additional 4500 points add-on, and their total is also $79/month.

Alex – How do I change to the Premium Plus Plan from the Premium Gold. When I go to the page to change it, I’m not allowed to choose the Premium Plus Plan for some reasons. Thanks. Christian.

No problem, if you’d like we can go in and manually switch this over for you.

Yes, please, Alex. Thanks. c

OK, it’ll switch on your next billing date :slight_smile: