I know that Steve doesn’t like learn grammar and he said that to everyone, that grammar isn’t very important, but my situation is a Little bit different than him, I can speak English and I can understand another people, but I have big problem with my grammar and I should improve my grammar skills because I will go to England and study there, so I must improve my grammar skills. I don’t say that I will learn only grammar rules or something like that, no, I will make richer my vocabulary here in, I will improve my listening skills here, but throughout it all, I must learn grammar as well :slight_smile:
So, who knows good links, where I could learn grammar, where I could find out perfect examples and rules?

I think a good way to learn grammar would be to write a lot and submit your texts to English native speakers here on LingQ, who will correct them and explain your grammar mistakes. Also, I would read a lot and buy a good grammar book.

It is not just that I do not like to spend a lot of time learning grammar, it is that I do not think it is very useful. If it were useful, all the people who study grammar in schools would speak perfectly. They don’t.

You need practice. I agree with mikebond. Write a lot, a lot. Send some of your writing in for correction, but more than that write.

You will not learn from examples and rules. If it were that simple, people who buy the grammar books with exercizes, examples and rules, would all speak perfectly. They don’t.

Grammar (and really any kind of “instruction”) is useful when it explains a difficult thing in a easy manner. If it’s confusing, do something else (for instance, figure it out yourself).

grammar it´s the part not veery good important in the learned