Grammar and Structure

I think it will be very helpful to add the aspect of Grammar and sentence structure to the German lessons for the beginners. In my opinion these are very important for a language learning experience. And it helps also to build your confidence from the beginning. Thank you.

Hi kfelix18,
Welcome at LingQ.
The LingQ system believe in learning from immersion into the language. Listening, reading, speaking and writing are the activities supported by LingQ.
Steve often recommend to buy a small grammar book of the language that you want to learn. And I think you can do this or look on special grammar sites in your own language. I can only explain the German grammar in German and that wouldn’t help you much.
First you should listen a lot of content and don’t think too much about the grammar.
If you have special question to a lesson, please use the “Ask your tutor” button in the lesson and you will get an answer from a tutor.

Welcome kfelix and thank you Vera.

As Vera explained, and as a learner of languages like German and Russian which have complex grammars, it is often easier to just let the language penetrate your mind through a lot of listening and reading. Vera and others have put lots of excellent beginner content in the German Library. Help yourself.

Create a lot of LingQ for the words and phrases you need to learn and just trust the system. By all means use a small grammar book as reference, or search for explanations on the Internet. Do not try to learn the rules, just be aware of them. As you continue listening and reading, and occasionally reviewing the grammar, and then reviewing your saved words and phrases, you will gradually discover the language.

Check out this video to see what I mean. Noticing - YouTube