Google translate problem

Whenever I create a new Lingq Google translate does not load up. It hasn’t loaded for me since last night, is anyone else experiencing this problem? It’s definitely a Lingq problem as I am able to open Google translate on a separate tab.

Thanks for the heads up. We’ll look into this one!

me too

Should be working properly now. Please let us know if any other dictionaries are acting up :slight_smile:

I have a quick question regarding the Google Translate function. When did it become only for Premium members? I have been away from LingQ for some time because of university classes.

A few months ago when google started charging us.

@alex: It is working but not like before. The target languages are now stuck with the same three languages (listed on top of the box of translation) not chosen by me (Arabic, for example, that has no use for me). In the past, if I have chosen English or/and Chinese to be translated into, my choice(s) would stay. Now I have to click the language selection box every single time.

@3kingdoms - Can you check the Settings page to see what your Dictionary Language is set to? This will affect which language is shown by default in the Hint field, so it may have been changed at some point. Let me know if that helps!