Google translate cool new feature

So I’m guessing this is a new feature with Google translate because I’ve never noticed it before but now you can hover over the words and it will highlight the other language.
English- “Then the music blaring through the house”<-- If I hover over “Then the”
German- “Dann dröhnt die Musik durchs ganze Haus” ,—It will highlight ‘Dann’ and ‘die’
I think its pretty awesome because this helps me understand the word order a lot better. How do you all like this feature? Useful or a gimmick in your opinion?

I think it’s pretty useful when you’re absolutely incapable of figuring out which word is which by context (This pretty much reflects my current level in German ;p )

It’d be more than useless for translating into an agglutinating language, I think. I don’t know any such language so I can’t know for sure.

@Dacudjvl, I agree, the only time I do this is when I absolutely have no idea what it means, I think normally its better to try to make it out yourself.