Google search ios app

Hi, two or three days ago, google search in ios app lingq does some strange things. At the beginning it started to show google translate, when it should be showing google search. And after that it stopped working at all. It just show blank page.
I tried this on different internet connections and on different devices (ipad and iphone).

Hi VladimirSaz, thanks for letting us know. We’ll look into it.

feel free to ask any additional information or actions to solve this that you may need.ios 9.0.2

UPDATE: I reinstalled my app on iphone, and it showed google translate once and did not show again.
And one more thing, previously it used to open google search, and now as I get it try to open google translate.
And if it possible, it is better to let user use google search (not google translate, or for example make just another button for that), because I usually use google search. It is useful, because you can search: “word meaning” and see its definition and some related words. That thing is extremely useful.

And I assume , that only you, administrators, can manage urls and dictionaries avaliable for us in ios app. Am I right?

horay this bug fixed! :slight_smile: now this app is usable again :slight_smile:

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Same problem appear again :frowning: noticed today - checked again on iPad and iPhone - with latest iOS