Google play music - Android 10

the Lingq app shows the lesson audio has been added to the playlist, but opening Google play music shows no Lingq audio. I tried VLC too, but the same issue.
Any ideas please?

You should be able to play the audio directly from the LingQ app.
On my app, it is the 4th icon on the bottom of the screen, the one with a music note.
I’m not sure if it is possible to play directly from Google Play Music.

There is a Playlist feature available in the app actually, you can play it directly from there.

Thanks Charles, but it doesn’t work unless you are connected to the internet. the audio should be downloaded to the phone and be available in any music player, but this is not working.

This only works when you are connected to the internet. the playlist should work when not connected, AFAIK?

You can play your playlist offline, you just have to preload the audio files onto your phone by clicking on it in your playlist or opening the lesson while you are connected to the internet

what I am trying to do is to play the audio in my car when the phone is connected via Bluetooth. Using the LingQ app doesn’t do that

Okay, got a bit of a workaround. Try opening the LingQ site on your browser on your phone. (make sure to open the desktop version.) And when you open your lesson, there should be a download button next to the play button. From there, after you download and open the file, click on the 3 dots button in the top right and open with Google Play Music.

Thanks Charles, that should work. I’ll try it and let you know

I use it on bluetooth in mine through the app, so that is odd. But you can always download the mp3 files from lingq desktop version and add them to google play music after plugging your phone into your computer.