Google Glass and LingQ

Are there any LingQ users who are in the Google Glass explorer program?

I would love to say “ok glass study lingqs of the day”…

Ok, glass, mark the blue words as known.

I can picture Steve sitting on a busy train wearing a thick pair of glasses saying “LingQ, LingQ, LingQ, known, ignore, LingQ, ignore, known, known, LingQ, LingQ, known,…”.

What is google glass?

No idea, Steve. But you can bet that Friedemann thinks it’s half empty! :smiley:

Google glass is a pair of spectacle frames with a little camera and tiny computer attached, plus voice recognition so you can ask it questions about things you see and hear. Pretty much, like having a smartphone on your face.

Just when I thought nothing would make me avoid contact with someone more than a bluetooth headset…

I had the same thought – google glass + linqg would be awesome. Something like the iPhone app “Word Lens”

Could be the end of language learning, as we know it?

“…functionality will also bring the ability to translate the words being spoken to you into your own language on the display…”

I don’t see how having a robot speaking into your ear (or writing on your display or whatever it’s doing) in your own language will help you learn the language of someone who is (trying!) to speak to you in that language. It sounds like a function specifically for people who have no interest in learning the language the machine is translating for them. Even if it was used somehow for language learning, isn’t it really just a faster and more portable (and probably even less accurate) version of Google Translate?