Google Chrome Extension Problem


While using the Chrome Extension, when I select the “Open on LingQ” tab, it gives me an internal server error. It has been doing it for some time now and I was just trying to quickly import it onto the site to read some short stories.


Hi Chase! For which language are having this issue? Would you be able to send a link to the website so that I can test it on my computer?

Sure! It’s for Russian.

thanks for the link! It doesn’t work for me either. It seems to be related to this page format. Does Extension work fine for any other Russian web pages?

By the way, I found “Three Bears” story on a different site for you :slight_smile: This one should be working fine: Три Медведя. Лев Толстой. Текст сказки

Приятного чтения! :slight_smile:

Thanks ! :slight_smile: