Good Question, Good Answer about Buddhism - I miss one paragraph

Today I read the first time this item but unfortunately one paragraph isn’t there.
The paragraph should be between “Wo was the Budda” and “The Budda is dead”

Perhaps it’s possible for the provider to insert the text or to delete the sound.

There is obligation for the sound to always match the text 100%. A number of our content items are not 100% the same and are still enjoyable.

We cannot have a growing Library if we demand this kind of perfect matching. If the provider can update the text that is great. On the other hand please do not delete any sound.

I meant to say that there is NO obligation for the sound to always match the text 100%.

I cannot understand your generousity, Steve.
I think a provider should control text and sound. Whe a whole paragraph is not there, I cannot say this is correct.

In Chapter 2 the same. There isn’t one or two differences. In each paragraphes are differences.

I cannot be as generous as you.


I know that your content, the content that you have created, as well as content that you have found for us in German is very consistent. However, it is just not practical to demand that for all content. There is some excellent Spanish content that always has more sound than text. It is still very good.

We hope to set things up so that content providers can be contacted directly by any user about problems in their texts. We do not have that in place now. We do not have the time to follow up now.

Ultimately it is up to the user to choose content that he or she likes. Soon there will be no restriction on the number of items in the work desk. If you do not like something, just leave it.

By all means mention the problem, but for the time being we are not going to do much about it.

I think for the purposes of learning a language, the problem is sound that is not supported by text, since text is LingQ-able and sound is not. There should be, say, at least a 75% correspondence of sound and text. In other words, for every ten words, at least 7-8 should have sound. This should give the learner enough context to at least partially decode extra audio that is not supported by text (and therefore not LingQ-able). The vast majority, if not all of the library lessons, fit that description.

sorry “for every ten words of sound, at least 7-8 should have text.”

Anyway. the principle that you are free to choose the library lessons you like, as Steve said, is the most powerful reason to think about matters that may be more pressing.

I see - my German mentality for correct work is different :slight_smile:

again a guestion:

If the provider would be interested (could be!) where can we give him or her an irmformation? We don’t know from whom the item in the library comes?

For now, all you can do is post on the forum and hope they see it. In the future, we will implement a way to contact the provider.