Good newspaper articles in different languages - URLs that can become lessons in LingQ

The print media, which is now essentially digital, is a great source of interesting content. If we use the Chrome Extension, we can easily import articles into LingQ. If we give these lessons a rose, they can be seen as lessons by other members on their Feed.
Here is an interesting editorial from the Globe and Mail (Canada) on the role of the media. Globe editorial: In praise of, dare we say it, the media - The Globe and Mail
Some of you who are working on English may want to import it. If you do, and you like it, give it a rose so that others can also use it as a lesson.
If you come across interesting articles in your native language that you think some of our members might like to use as lesson, but of course you are not going to import yourself, then post them here for others.


Hi! Is it possible to import content in a language which is not available on Lingq? It isn’t a beta language either.

Easiest way to do it is sacrifice one of the language slots that are already available. If you don’t think you are ever going to learn Latin, just import privately under that language. It shouldn’t interfere with anyone else.

An interesting idea, Steve!
Question 1: is there no copyright problem if we make these articles visible for others?
Question 2: can we publish lessons without audio?

I’ve written in this post Getting More Out Of The Feed - Language Forum @ LingQ that there is a copyright problem. The difference is that you do not share it in the library, therefore an audio is not needed. But in my opinion this is a kind of sharing too and infringes copyright (at least here in Europe).