Good marketing strategy for LingQ?

I was wondering if a good marketing strategy for LingQ would be to get on a “bargain hunters” website. For example

or any of these similar sites

It is a high quality site even at the free level. So it would fit the profile of those bargain hunter sites.

We don’t really have any deals to offer there although we could offer our free membership. However, in general, anyone looking for free stuff is unlikely to be a good candidate to become a paid member, which is really what we want to encourage.

Does anyone have experience on these types of sites?

I think it might be good even if they are bargain hunters. To me Lingq Basic membership qualifies as a bargain, and I am pretty much a bargain hunter. In the end I guess it depends on how much of a hassle it is to get on thieir list

You’re probably right, Ed. It’s worth a try.