Good English and French resources

Because i’m nice, i decided to share this here. has comic books and graphic novels in French and English. If you sign up for a free account you can read over 150 copies of different comics (usually the first one in any series) for free. There’s a big ‘free’ section which is used to draw you into paying for the next in line in the series of any comic you like the look of.

I recommend typing out the content into your personal library here. It’s a good exercise. I did it with all the ‘Easy French’ lessons and it helped a lot.

Also, for French search for ‘Maman Doudou’ and search her related channels. They are a network of Mum’s or nanna’s who read bedtime stories to kids on youtube.

They can be childish, but then i don’t find something like Simon le Lapin more childish/simple than the ‘Who is She’ stuff here - just one story has kids in and one has adults in, except for that i can’t see any difference.

I’m comfortable learning via cartoons and things of that nature because i like watching them. Some people think cartoons and BD’s are too childish or ‘beneath’ them - they have a point in terms of maybe watching stuff for real small children but in general they are just missing out.


Merci Beaucoup! Je jeterai un petit coup d’oeil sur ce site!