Good courses for Latin American Spanish, Beginner

I am struggling to find good begginer courses on Lingq. “who is she” was excellent and I would like to find other courses that have lots of words and conversation. Most of the courses have very little text. Any suggestions?

@Jyarr - You may want to use the sort option in the Library to find lessons with the largest number of new words, as this should help you to find longer lessons. The sort option is at the top on the right-hand side in the Library. If you have any further questions let us know!

Thank you Alex. I have done this, but I guess there just are not that many… Still, I am new to the site and am a big fan. I’m learning much quicker than I expected, although I do wish there were more courses.

What level are you at? Are you a “true” beginner?

@Jyarr - Take a look at the list of Playlists available for Beginners - Login - LingQ. You will see the Who is She course but in the LingQ Beginner course you will also find Greetings and Goodbyes and Eating Out which are similar. I’m sure the other playlists shown by alsuvi and idel are also great. Try searching the library by course as well to find good material. Then, just experiment to find something you like. You can preview the audio and see the length right there or just open a lesson to check it out. Good luck!

Thanks very much for your help.

Jingle - I have been working hard at this in the evenings for a month now, so I would not descibe myself as a “true” beginner. Tengo que apprender Espanol porque voy a ir a trabajar en Mexico. Quiero poder hablar pronto! No tengo mucho tiempo.

Apologies - i haven’t tried to figure out how to get a Spanish keyboard yet!!

I get frustrated with the short lessons as there is not enough content - I also use the Teach Yourself beginner Spanish, which I feel covers the basic grammar points which are typical in the short lessons. I am looking for fuller immersion and rapid vocab building, which I got through the excellent “who is she” course. Having said that, I have looked at some of the beginner 2 courses and they are a stretch too far, so maybe I am just difficult to please (like Goldilocks)!