Good Chinese Resources

Does anyone know of any good Chinese resources (even ones I could copy and paste off the internet)? Thx.

In for more sources. I am running out right now

Ok thank you

Depends what you like, and what lvl you want to go in at I guess/

Viki’s learn mode is pretty cool -

You can also use pretty much any movie or tv show on viki, that has editable Chinese subtitles, in this “mode” - just by using google’s zhongwen add on.

Most of what I do is pretty simple:

Ximalaya audiobook - - most of these have transcripts online if you search the title and author. Lizhi and PlayerFM/zh are similar.

Content that I watch most weeks, and not ashamed to admit to:
The Jinxing Show: null - YouTube
null - YouTube
Àiqíng bǎowèi zhàn (爱情保卫战): 爱情保卫战官方频道 【全网第一时间更新 1080P】欢迎订阅 - YouTube
Yuè yè yuè dòngtīng (越夜越动听):

Reddit Chinese book club -

SBS podcasts : SBS Podcasts | SBS Audio

Thank you I will check those out