Golden oldies!

I have just watched Steve Davis win his second round match against John Higgins (Snooker World Championship). It was great to see the world champion of yore play the current world champion, and win. Obviously John Higgins would have preferred a win, but everybody seemed genuinely pleased that S.D. pulled it off, even if he might not get any further than this.

Let’s keep our thumbs crossed for the golden oldie (he used to be cold the nugget, I believe.)

I am wondering whether I should now let Steve Davis replace Ronnie O’Sullivan in my affections.

Oh, I probably haven’t watched a snooker game since the early 90s when my parents got a satellite dish. Davis and Higgins were playing back then, as did Stephen Hendry and Gary Wilkinson (those are the only four snooker names I know). I wonder if any of the channels I have access to is broadcasting the championship.

As I started watching snooker quite late, I don’t know Gary Wilkinson… If you can get German telly, Eurosport has a quite decent coverage in German (I can get it in England via free satellite), although I tend to stick to the BBC if they are broadcasting at a time convenient to me.

I have realised that I apparently typed “cold” instead of “called” - that wasn’t me, that was the printer’s devil…

I thought I had Eurosport but either it has disappeared or I was mixing it up with another soprts channel.