Gold words not working

Some gold words, when I mouse over them, refuse to open the pop-up box. Instead the mouse pointer flickers as though my netbook is having a seizure. It never happens on blue words, but it also happens sometimes on underlined words (ie learned words). A bug in the script maybe?

I haven’t noticed that Helen. Sometimes a blue or yellow highlighted word acts strangely for me but if I move my mouse off it and click around or open a different word’s popup and come back it is fine. Do you only find this on your netbook?

I have actually found the same thing that Helen had quite often. It is only fixed by refreshing the page. It seems to happen less if you don’t leave the lesson open for too long… ie take a coffee break or procrastinate on the forums. Maybe it is a feature!

yes…that’s right…a feature…

Same for me, recently they wobbled a lot, but didn’t open (on notebook and computer). I may take dooo’s advice and limit my outside activities to see whether things improve.

Yeah I’ve had similar problem. Like if i hover over a gold or blue word, take the mouse off and go back to the same word , the widget doesnt pop up again as it should. I have to take my mouse off wait a few seconds and try again… usually works for me. I assume because my computer thinks the widget is still visible and have to wait for it to “disapear” again…

I have also noticed that, while it is very speedy to create a LingQ for a new word, it is frustratingly slow to open up a new LingQ box for a new phrase. eg lingQing выбритое is quick and easy, but clicking on “New hint” while creating a lingQ for “чисто выбритое лицо” will cause Firefox to freeze for about 30 seconds.