Gold coin banner blocking my view

I don’t think the gold coin banner is so important that it should be allowed to block the text when I’m reading. It’s bad enough that the reading space was significantly reduced in the last update, so please make the banner stop covering the text.


This helps! for sure!


Ah, the Pokemon power up bar. The least useful part of the website covering a large part of the most useful part.

If you don’t like Spatterson’s solution there’s at least one alternative. Maybe you’ve tried this, but you can see more of the text by simply reducing the font size. On Windows the shortcut is “Ctrl -”. It doesn’t fix the empty space on the sides, but at least you can see more text at a time.

@ColinJohnstone I find the Pokemon power up bar more useful than some lessons…

@ kcb

Maybe the Pokemon bar was covering the useful parts of those lessons.

@Colin I doubt it since I can still read every line of text. My avatar’s bar isn’t so big.

So you genuinely prefer the tunnel vision approach they have gone for over the wide-screen approach of spatterson’s update?

@Wulfgar - Thanks for the feedback on this. We’re making some updates to the Lesson page that should improve the look and feel on mobile devices, and will continue to make improvements here.

@Colin I don’t think you’ve asked a fair question. But yes, I do prefer the LingQ lesson page as is. Having said that, if I’m simply reading a lesson I go to the print lesson page. If I need to look up a word I go back a tab and find it in the LingQ list.