Going back to the first page/beginning

I have a question: I’m doing the Mini Stories in Korean right now (on Safari)
So, everytime I go back to an old story (that I have completed once before) and want to read it again, it opens at a random page in the middle and not to the first page and I have to click my way back to the beginning.

I don’t know if there’s an easier way to do it, but I click on the first section of the green bar at the top of the lesson to go to the beginning quickly.


thank you ! that works
(I was just wondering why it doesn’t automatically restart at the first page)

I know it will land you back where you last left off, if you backed out or only made it partway through the story. I do find this very nice, if I didn’t have time to completely read (or re-read) through the lesson. I can then go back in later and finish off.

I think if you did finish reading, the next time you go in, it puts you at the first yellow word. Personally, I do find this somewhat nice too, in case I don’t want to read the entire lesson, but jump to the words I haven’t marked known. I prefer this to a flash card type activity, because it gives me a better surrounding context as I can read the sentence the word appears in, plus sentences around, that may help with the meaning.

Occasionally though, I agree, sometimes you just want it to be opened up right from the start, so it’s a tad annoying to have to click at the beginning. For my personal usage the advantages above outweight this annoyance. Maybe it would be nice to have an explicit “start at beginning” button to make it a little more obvious and easy.

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If you re-open a lesson, it should open it on the page you were last on. As @stitchel said, the easiest way to move to the first page is to click on the green bar at the top.

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