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Although I hate tests, this site is pretty cool.

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In the GOETHE-TESTS, which is free, I happened to find two strange questions as follows:
1)言語を習う。 > to ( ) languages
2)基本的な面 > the ( ) side

They are in the “Japanese to English” test. The answer for the first one is supposed to be “teach,” and that for the other is supposed to be “western” on the site. I think that the right answers should be “to learn languages” and “the fundamental side.” Do you think that they are “human errors?” Or do you think that these mistakes were made by poor hard-working translation software? :slight_smile:

“and that for the other” should read “and the answer for the other.”

Hi Yutaka

Honestly I could not tell you as I do not know how they went about creating the tests, nor are my Japanese skills good enough to agree or disagree with you about the translation.

In any case, I think it’s great when people call out mistakes on sites like that, and I’m sure anyone using the Japanese tests will appreciate your efforts.

You can find more examples.
In the “Japanese to English” test, there is a question as follows:
指を折る > to burn one’s ( )

The word in parentheses is supposed to be “fingers” on the site, but “指を折る” does not mean “to burn one’s fingers.” It can mean “bend one’s fingers” or “count on one’s fingers.”