Go Habs Go!

I hope that the Canadians of Montreal will win tonight! This fantastic team can surprise us as it has done so many times before in his long and beautiful histoire.Go Habs Go!

Congrats, they won!

Gill is a great guy!

Go Habs Go! All the way!

After the disappointing season for the Canadiens de Montréal, I never thought they would go so far in the series. They eliminated Washington (2nd overall) and now they get rid of the Stanley Cup Champions 2008-2009. It’s just incredible. The team is very united and coach Martin is doing a great job. Now, I hope that they will fight against Boston.

Way to go Habs! Don’t count out Philadelphia. They just beat Boston again and have come back from 3 games to none to make it 3-3. They play game 7 in a few nights.

Meanwhile, here in Vancouver: “GOlf Canucks GOlf!”

Go Kings!

Oh wait… :frowning:

The Canucks were a disgrace. They need a major overhaul.

Any predicitons?

I say San Jose will take it all beating the Flyers in 7.