"Go Canada go!"

I wonder if “Go Canada go!” comes from “Allons-y Canada !”

Interestingly, in similar situations (sporting events), American fans would just yell “USA! USA! USA!” and Chinese fans would just cry “Go! Go! Go!” (“ 加油!” which literally means “Add fuel !”)

It does seem to be a Canadian thing but I can’t speak for other countries…speaking of which “Go Canucks go!” tonight vs. LA. If we don’t win tonight, we’re done. (Hockey playoff time again here in Vancouver. The Canucks are down 2 games to none in the first round vs. LA)

I guess that’s it for the Canucks…

Yup, it’s not looking too good… Although, I did notice that the fans in LA were saying “Go Kings go” so it must not just be a Canadian thing. Perhaps it has more to do with the length of the team’s name you are cheering for and how well it fits in that phrase…

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