Glossika's "triangulation" courses

I have noticed that Mike offers so-called “triangulation courses”. He defines these courses as products where you learn a new language based on another foreign language. In my case that could be for example studying Russian and Thai based on English.

Actually, I find this idea quite interesting. Due to the massive amount of language courses available in English I have been doing that for quite some time anway. Most of my Chinese and Japanese study material is written in English.

I sometimes also consciously practise interpreting between two foreign language courses with the help of products similar to the ones published by Glossika.

I also love to listen to Japanese - Mandarin files. It helps to get used to switching between foreign languages. I wonder if anybody else has done similar exercises or finds them useful for their study purposes.

P.S. Strangely enough, I can write my post here just as I used to in the old forum. So much easier, so much user-friendlier (at least in my opinion). Too bad, I can’t do that in the follow-up posts anymore.

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I’m really sorry, SanneT. I tried to delete the post, but it seems I’m unable to do so. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

Why should you be sorry? It happens to us all - even I have had it happen :slight_smile: and even we, the new demi-gods on this forum, cannot delete our own threads.

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I wrote a post in this thread but can no longer find it. Why?

If you read my first comment here, you’ll have the explanation :)!

This is a double-posting, please ignore and reply to
How does this explain why my post is not visible? Do you mean that someone is deleting posts that are not spam?

Oh, the head post of the thread is a duplication!!!
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SanneT means that the initial post in this thread is a double posting, not her own post, as I first thought she meant!! Do not use this thread. Follow SanneT’s link instead. Thanks SanneT!!

To all! Good opportunity for any skeptics: At the moment some Glossika files are free on iTunes. Glossika Mandarin Chinese FluencyPod, Russian, Brazilian Portugues, Korean, Thai. Enjoy it! I hope this post is on the right place!??