GLOSS texts for uploading

Some years ago I downloaded thousands of texts from the US military global language support system ( GLOSS site which hosts thousands of recordings and texts in various languages sorted by topic and level. There are a few gigabytes of files all in the public domain and would make an excellent resource for lingq learners.

There is a huge collection of audio and texts (all translated into English) for Chinese, Russian, Spanish. There are smaller collections for Portuguese, Japanese and French.

Also, there is quite a bit for Indonesian and Hindi/Urdu. These texts and audio could be the start of adding these two important languages to Lingq.

I downloaded these texts about 9 years ago and when I last looked a number of languages and texts had really grown. I could also include the method with which I downloaded all the current files so that anyone willing to could download the thousands of new text to put up on lingq.

If anyone would like to work on this project let me know. You’ll need to think of a convenient way for me to send large files to you over the net.

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Seems interesting, but I cannot open the page

Maybe they’re not letting anybody in now. I couldn’t get in the but I thought that was just because I was in China. I have the files on my computer and I can send them to somebody who is willing to upload them.

For me Chrome complains that it is not safe, but I can insist and get in anyway.

there’s a treasure mine of texts and audio there